I like it when I’m ahead of the news story by a day or so

Thanks ANN! (and they somehow skip over that he changed publishers…)

The way ANN word their articles (especially with Takei) has been a bit off lately

But Seeing him do something new is fun I guess! Sad to hear about Jumbor, though :/ 

Like with the Shaman King series… if Jumbor does end, it could move to into something in the Big Comic line of manga magazines by Shogakukan. It has made alot of progress in storyline, but I don’t think it’s going to wrap up soon enough for a natural end. The challenge may be if Mikami Hiromasa will go with him or not (the writer).

However Ultimo… that’s due for it’s “natural end” in SQ19. But that manga is so all-over-the-place, it might be harder to tell.

That’s what I thought haha…Jumbor doesn’t seem like it’ll end so quickly. So I hope that it continues in some way :) just wish it was officially licensed in english so I could keep up with the story.

Ultimo is and always has been all over the place and that’s why I couldn’t get into it, but I’m kinda shocked it’s already getting it’s ending :0


Smai....who told you that you were allowed to post cute pictures of yourself? WHO?! jk.

How do I even reply to this LOL

Thanks for the feedback on the photos

I’ll stick with the left photo, I agree that the right one is a bit too bright (I was by the window haha :P)